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This hiking information is provided by our very good friends at The Mountain Goat here in Manchester, Vermont. Please visit their location in town for shopping and loads of outdoor information, clothing, and gear.


At 3,825 ft. this is the highest peak in the Taconic range. This fairly strenuous hike includes some excellent vantage points. Trailhead is found behind Burr & Burton Academy. From RT. 7A, turn on Seminary Ave. Locate trail in upper parking lot. Follow the blue blazes; through orange gate, climb for 2.8 miles. At junction, follow signs to Lookout Rock or to the parking area at the top of the mountain.

Please visit The Equinox Preserve for a map.

Miles Round trip: 5.8 Elevation Gain: 2870 ft. Time: 4-5 hours RT


3,260 ft. with a 360° view from the summit. On the AT/LT. Park at the AT/LT parking lot on rt. 11/30, 5 miles to the east of Manchester. Follow the trail to the summit. A less traveled approach from the north is accessed by continuing to Peru on Rt. 11, turn left into Peru, left across from Hapgood store, left on north road, left again on Mad Tom Notch road, follow this dirt road up to parking area on left. Head south on AT/LT.

Link to more information.

Miles Round trip: 5.2 Elevation Gain: 1460 ft. Time: 3-4 hours RT


A shorter hike to one of the highest waterfalls in Vermont. From Rt. 11/30, turn onto Richville road, turn left on east Manchester road at P.O, go under overpass, turn right onto glen road, go over small bridge, excellent swimming hole here, go straight after bridge when Glen Road goes left, follow to end. Follow trail up next to lye brook, turn right onto spur trail to falls, main trail continues to bourn pond.

Link to more information.

Miles Round trip: 5.4 Elevation Gain: 1000 ft. Time: 2.5 hours RT


A quick hike to a rock outcropping with a great view of Manchester and Mount Equinox. From Rte. 11/30 east, turn right on East Manchester Rd. then take an immediate left onto Rootville Rd and follow it to the little parking area next to the water tower. Follow the open jeep trail up to the AT/LT crossing at 1.5 miles. Prospect Rock lookout is 40 yards off to the right just past this intersection.

Link to more information.

Miles Round trip: 3.6 Elevation Gain: 1000 ft. Time: 2.5 hours RT *Great Family Hike


3,936 ft peak. Reach the summit via the ski trails on the front side or the more remote hike from the town of Stratton. Drive west on Stratton Arlington Rd. to the AT/LT parking area. Follow the trail for 3.5 mi. to the fire tower atop Stratton. On the way out, loop past Stratton Pond and hike back on the Stratton Pond Trail. Hike one mile east on Kelly Stand Rd to return to the AT/LT lot.

Stratton Mountain hiking information.

Miles Round trip: 11.0 Elevation Gain: 1900 ft. Time: 9 hours RT.


At 2,850 feet, this loop hike offers great views from the open summit. Drive north on Rte 7 and turn right on South End Rd, four miles past East Dorset. Parking area on the left at .5 miles. Hike up the Lake Trail and turn on to the Baker Peak trail at 2 miles. At the LT crossing turn left (north) to the summit. Walk the LT south to Griffith Lake, if desired, then back on the LT to return via the Lake Trail.

Link to more information.

Miles Roundtrip: 9.0 Elevation Gain: 2350 ft. Time: 5-6 hours RT


An easy Long Trail hike to a small pond with a trail around the shoreline. Access the trail on Forest Rd 10 at the AT /LT parking lot. Hike north 2 miles to Little Rock Pond. When you get there you will find good swimming rocks on a little trail to the left. Hike back the same route or for a more strenuous hike with some great views, loop back on the Green Mountain Trail to finish on Forest Rd 10 just west of the parking lot.

Link to more information.

Miles Roundtrip: 4.0 Elevation Gain: 350 ft. Time: 2 hours RT (Green Mountain Loop 7.5 miles RT) *Great Family Hike


A short hike to a beautiful 360° view of the Taconic Range. From Rte. 30 in Pawlet, drive 1.8 miles north and take a right on Waite Rd. Drive about 1 mile, look for Tunket Rd on left. Park on Waite Rd. Hike ½ mile up Tunket Rd. to Nature Conservancy trailhead on left. This moderate hike rolls gently up through the forest to a steeper section just before the summit at 1.5 miles.

Link to more information.

Miles Roundtrip: 3.0 Elevation Gain: 1183 ft. Time: 2 hours RT * Great Family Hike


Merck Forest & Farmland Center in Rupert is a non-profit environmental foundation. Admission is free. Donations are accepted! The extensive trail system is open for hiking, snow-shoeing and cross country skiing. From the nature center and kiosk at the front gate there are several hiking options(maps available). Mount Antone is the tallest on the property at 2600 ft. and has a great viewpoint looking out towards the Adirondacks. The rustic farmstead at the base specializes in heritage breeds of horses, cows, pigs and sheep and is worth a look. The trails on the preserve are predominantly old roads so the going is hilly, but not too rugged. The hike to Mt. Antone is 2.5 miles each way following Old Town Rd from the farm, to Antone Rd on the right at the top of the hill. Follow the same trails back or chose another route back to the farm.

Link to more information.

Miles Round Trip: 5 Elevation Gain: 600 ft. Time: 3 hours RT *Great Family Hike

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