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Disc Golf

Grab your discs from the Front Desk and you are on your way. 

Three Disc Golf Discs are provided in a resort bag with directions on how the course is played out on the property. 

The Equinox Disc Golf Course is made up of 6 different holes, with 3 holes being on the resort side of the property, and 3 holes on the 1811 side of the property (directly across Main Street from the Orvis Inn).  Each tee box is marked and numbered in white paint, and has a yellow arrow so that they are easily visible.  


Resort Side

Hole #1 – 219 Feet – The first hole of the course begins directly across the street from the Townhouse lawn (directly behind the hotel hot tub).  With the first disc being played across the entry road of the resort and carrying the length of the Townhouse lawn.  The hole plays straight and is wide open on the right side.  This is a relatively straightforward hold, and a great way to start off the round.


Hole #2 – 132 Feet – After walking back across the townhouse lawn to the entry area of the tennis parking area, you will find the tee to the second hole of the course.  This is a short hole, but with hazards on each side of the approach.  Accuracy is the key on this hole.


Hole #3 – 231 Feet – The third hole is the longest hole on the resort side, and the first hole that has a slight dog-leg right.  Spanning the length of the resort garden area behind the spa, skilled players can attempt to go for the hole, while beginning players might want to lay up to have a straight second shot.


1811 Side


Hole #4 – 327 Feet – The longest hole on the course, the 4th hole begins directly behind the 1811 house on Main Street and carries the length of the 1811 event lawn.  A down hill hole that is lined with landscaping on either side and backs up to the Meadow House pond, it is better to play it safe and be short than go long on this hole!


Hole #5 – 81 Feet – The shortest hole on the course, the 5th hole is a true test of accuracy and finesse.  Teeing off directly in front of the Meadow House Pond, this hole requires the skill and touch to carry the water while not landing out of bounds in the woods behind the hole.  This hole may look easy, but do not be too aggressive.


Hole #6 – 285 Feet – The finishing hole on the course is a long, down hill hole with the Meadow House Event Pad on the left, and woods on the right.  The hole has a large landing area, and if you can shoot it straight, is a great hole to stand back and watch it fly!

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